Frequently asked questions

From your fist point of contact with us we explain our process but we do have some questions that are asked regularly which we have included in our Frequently Asked Questions section on this page. If you still have any questions after reading through them please call us and our friendly advisors will be available to answer your queerie. 


What tiles are the best for a Bedroom?

Tiles are no longer used just for bathrooms and kitchens. But now tiles can be used in just about any other part of the house. In a bedroom they can be used to make a great looking feature wall.

The best type of tiles to use for a bedroom are tiles that are very strong and last along time. Designer tiles are a big choice that make the wall standout and look very attractive. Other popular choices include metro style tiles which give that London Underground look to the bedroom.

What tiles are best for Flooring?

When it comes to tiling floors you may want to consider where they are going to be installed when it comes to choosing the correct type of floor tiles. Floor tiling in bath rooms and showers can become very slippery, so getting the correct tile with textured grip can help prevent future slips and falls.

For tile flooring designs, most kitchens and bathrooms are usually design with plan and natural looking tiles. These tend to be the most popular choice for tile flooring and give your kitchen and bathroom the perfect look.

What tiles are best for Underfloor Heating?

If you are looking for the best type of tiles to use for underfloor heating, you should apply the same rules when it comes to standard floor tiles. Choose a textured type of floor tile that will provide more grip, so when the flooring has become wet there is less chance in you slipping. We also recommend choosing a bigger floor tile as this requires less grout, which is not a great conductor for heat.

What tiles are best suitable for a small bathroom?

Smaller tiles are often selected as the better option when it comes to small bathrooms. However smaller tiles will require a lot more grout which can make the tiling look cluttered. Avoiding these types of busy tile designs is the best option.

Large tiles will help to create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it looks. Small amounts of large tiles can cover the space much more quickly. The great thing is that it requires fewer tiles that will need cutting when it comes to smaller and tighter space.

What tiles should be used for an enclosed shower?

Tiles for showers come down to whether you are tiling the wall or the shower flooring. If you are looking to create a wet look then choosing a textured tile for the floor will be the better option to give you more grip in the shower.

When it comes to choosing tiles for the shower wall, there is a wide range of choice to choose from that will work. Large types of tiles will look great and be much easier to keep clean and maintain. Having neutral tiles on the outside of the shower and designer tiles in the shower will give a beautiful contrast that makes your shower standout.

What tiles should be used in a wet room?

If you have a wet room it is very important that it is tiled with a textured type of tile that will provide grip on the floor. This will help prevent users from slipping and injuring themselves while using the wet room. Using smooth titles will make the surface slippery and dangerous. 

How many tiles should I buy?

To work out how many tiles you will need to buy. You would first need to work out the dimensions of your floor or the walls that you are tiling. You can easily work out the amount of tiles that you need by using a calculator. A calculator can work out the required number of tiles needed to get the job done. It is also recommend to add an extra 10% to account for any broken tiles.

How many Extra tiles should I buy?

When it comes to placing your order for the tiles you require. It is best to add an additional 10% this will compensate for any broken tiles or damaged tiles during tiling. Most online title calculators will give you the option to add the additional 10% when calculating how many extra tiles you are going to need.

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